Monday, 31 May 2010


Ok, I've found a short haired lady icon I like. It's Servalan, evil nemesis of Blakes' Seven, lady of infinite wardrobe and short hair, with big guns. I'm showing my age, but I did love her fighting with Avon ( that's a lady cosmetic provider! But not in a sci-fi series where a box with widgets took up half the story). Me and my dad spent hours in a weird sci-fi fug that my mum just didn't get watching Blakes 7 and the original "v". This lady was a proto Sigourney.


Jan said...

Oh she is lovely I love the whispy fringe ,and short hair isnt a problem Jan xx

sweetypie said...

yes yes servolan she was great wot a role model cool, sharp, underdressed in my mums opinion , soo sexy her marvelous eyebrows had their own language, and wasnt avon slimy and mean and nasty, I l;oved that character would she have had as much panache without the BIG gun?

sharie said...

I remember her! My brother was a big fan of Blakes Seven, I always thought Avon was cute in an odd twisted sort of way.
Oh and I was a V fan too ;-)