Monday, 10 May 2010

eggs, parcels and boobs

A nice day today to assauge some of the election bile i've been feeling. It's like i've had permanent PMT, i've not been able to talk to ANYONE who's the slightest bit blue without wanting to rip their heads off and- well, I won't even say it.
So, some nice things. Bantam eggs. Look at this lovely lot, all different shades and slightly different sizes, a quid for a dozen at the farmers market. They have a much bigger ratio of yolk to albumen than normal hen eggs and as such make the best scrambly egg for the kids. But they are almost too pretty to use. The one at the front is a wooden toy egg, the kids keep trying to trick me.
And a parcel for me from Angela at the Fenland Textile Studio, who has very kindly sent me not just the CD she promised me of the V and A quilt exhibition, but lots of quilting magazines, freebie thread and material to boot! I suspect that, just as when you are trying to give up smoking and someone is always there to offer you a fag and a beer, when you start sewing and quilting there are kind ladies who pop up touting swatches and fat quarters, knowing that you will get hooked. Thanks Angela!
And then 2 hours without the kids. A whole 2 hours with them in a free creche courtsy of our Surestart Centre (PLEASE don't cut them, Cameron, you t**t). They had a lovely time, and I tried very hard to concentrate on the work and not on the tea,coffee and biscuits. I am getting free training to be a breastfeeding peer support worker, the rates of breastfeeding are terrible here and support is sorely needed. I will never forget the midwife who sneakily gave firstborn a bottle without my say so when I hobbled to the loo. If I hadn't have been attached to a drip, and weeping already, i'd have brained her. Thankfully support was available from a peer worker, so he got going despite her efforts. You can't beat boobs. Although I wasn't too sad to hang my boobs up, metaphorically (let's face it, if I did hang them up, they'd look better now), after 3 years of constant milk producing, from one kid to the other without a break. I am very glad I did it, not least because the money I saved on formula can now be put to much better use buying bits of fabric. And pretty eggs.
Just look at this ad arguing for greater rights to breastfeed in public. Of course, it's not from the UK, but Oz. And this one, just fab. We've a long way to go.

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