Sunday, 16 May 2010

minature gardens, puffers and spanakoppitta

A frantic weekend here already.
I have a fasting blood test designated for Thursday, so I had already planned to make 2 spanakoppitta to gorge on prior to it. Having thyroid disease and some (as yet unspecified ) other autoimmune disorder is a bit rubbish and as far as i'm concerned a weekend of eating cheesy spinach things was my just and right due.
However, before I could crack open the wine and eat more than the crunchy middle bit pictured here, I was on the phone to the ambulance men and women of Fenland to come see to son, who went from ok to REALLY not ok within about 45 minutes. He developed extreme asthma in March for no apparent reason, and this was his second big and very scary attack. The ambulance man and woman were fab, fast, kind, professional, and extremely glad not to be in Peterborough city centre on a Saturday night. They stayed till he was stable and safe, and what lovely people they were. So Sunday was spent in the FANTASTIC cottage hospital-ness that is Doddington, as the paramedics had advised, while son sat so good and sweetly under the nebuliser mask that I wanted to weep. So awful to see a child so willingly submit to a mask because they know they need it. But he is well now, albeit due to steroids and puffers for weeks ahead, and we spent the afternoon making mini gardens and hosting fairy tea-parties. So much fun, making mini-wee things.

And now i'm going to eat ALL the spinach pie.
The recipe is here: and very fine it is too, if I say so myself. You can't just have a little bit. Probably not authentic, and no specific amounts, but this is how it's made in this house.
1 pack spinach (usually about 250g)
I pack filo (thawed, usuallu about 6 sheets)
1 pack feta
pine nuts to taste
1 sweet onion.
2 eggs
a good glug of double cream.
nutmeg, pepper, oregano.
Fry the onions till soft and clear. Add the pepper, oregano and nutmeg. Meanwhile, wilt the spinach and squeeze as much water as you can out of it till it is pitiful looking and you wonder what you paid for. That's the way of spinach. Crumble the feta and beat the eggs. Mix the whole caboodle together and shove in the fridge for a bit. Find a nice dish. Butter it. Then melt some more butter, more than you think you will need. Place one sheet of filo in the bottom of the dish, the edges over the side. Your aim is to place 4 layers of spinach / cheese mixture on top of 4 sheets of filo, so divide your mixture into 4. After you've spread the spinach mix, fold the overlap sheet down over it, like making a bed, then lay another sheet down. Brush some melted butter on each sheet as you go. Your last layer, you have two sheets left over to scrunch on the top for topping, add liberal butter to these so it's nice, tasty, and bad for you. Bake in the oven for about 40 mins at Gas 6, or until the middle has set and it's nice and crunchy on top. Eat it all secretly by yourself, or with lambchops.


sharie said...

Hi there!
I'm so glad you left a post on my blog as I'd lost your link and although I tried to find it couldn't. I was made up to see you post on my blog and to find you again :-)

What a shame about your son. Glad to hear all was sorted out though. Do you think it could be the volcanic ash causing it? Asking as I have mild astma but its been very bad recently and all I can put it down to is the ash.

Sorry to hear about your thyroid prob. A coincidence as I also have one and am wondering if I have an autoimmune disorder too (just been to the docs about it). Have to have a fasting blood test too.

Thanks for the recipe.....Sounds very tasty :-)

Jan said...

So pleased your son responded to treatment ,hope all goes well ,Mmm your spinich dish looks lovely ,a must try Jan xx

Fenwitters said...

I hadn't thought of that Sharie, it might well be the case. He is due at the docs Tuesday, i'll mention it. Is your thyroid autoimmune? (Hashimotos or Graves?) I have hashis, if you have one you do tend to get another. I could moan all day about the stupid thyroid gland.

Fenwitters said...

Jan: try it! I could honestly eat it all day, but then I adore Greek food. Mmmmm Rabbit stifado....

AC said...

aww... you must be a good cook then, mummy... it looks yum!!! and I can see you've got creative hands...

btw, thanks for responding to my post at netmums... I'd be happy to visit you from time to time...

Cheeky Munchkins

sweetypie said...

wierd coincidence!my son suddenly developed asthma too at seven had two bad attacks now for no reasonits scary isnt it.