Saturday, 1 May 2010

quilt 1, done

Finally finished, the everlasting no-pattern-scrap-insanity quilt. Constructed from scraps, charity shop pillowcases, and old clothes, backed with an old fleece and bound with an old sheet. Randomly put together into a sort of rectangle sized for a cotbed, and wadded with cheap stuff from Dunelm.Quilted with charity shop embroidery thread and sewn by a madwoman who had no idea what she was getting into.

Things I have learned from this:

Next time, i'll use a pattern

Next time, the pieces will be a uniform shape and size, not any-old-wonky

Next time, all the pieces will be of similar material. Stretchy pillowcases and old silk ties are hell to join together.

Next time, i'll use a ruddy sewing machine.

More than three beers means you have to use the seam ripper.

Still, i'm proud of it, my first made thing of size. Now son wants one. By Xmas, maybe.


sweetypie said...

point is ,you made a quilt and someone loves it. welcome to the best addiction in the world and we fenland quilters do it best i will read you every day now come visit fenland textile studio and sweetypie50 and expeditionquiltart all @blogspot . com

Jan said...

Very well done ,Your little one looks so happy with your lovely creation ,come and visit my blog ,I live in the Fens too Jan xx

Fenwitters said...

Thanks ladies! I definately have the bug now, I'm off to source a sewing machine pronto.