Sunday, 22 April 2012

Get the dandelions bubbling.

So, if you followed the last installment, you will now have in your posession a big soaking pile of dandelion petals, a bucket, some yeast, yeast nurient, and some oranges.

First, take an enormous pan, or fill several pans. Drain the soaked dandelion petals out, leaving you with yellow wee looking water that smells odd. If it smells dreadful, and makes you reel away, don't use it. It should smell of dandelions, that is, not especially beautiful, but not vomit inducing. Don't worry, it will smell nicer soon.  Peel the zest from your oranges. I use 5 per gallon. Add the zest to the water (technically, this is a "must" now). Boil the concoction for 10 minutes. It will start to smell orangey. Add the juice from the oranges. Stir. Strain the zest and any little remaining bits from the must into your final bucket, which you will have sterilised. The water will be hot, be careful!

Now add your sugar, 1 kilo per gallon of the final wine amount, (not the amount you have now). It's a lot, I know, but all the sugar turns to alcohol! Stir to dissolve. Now you will need to fill the bucket up with a mixture of water, hot and cold, to your final intended amount of gallons, aiming to get the temperature between 25-30 degrees ( a little warmer than blood heat). Add 1 heaped teaspoon of yeast per gallon, and 1 teaspoon of yeast nutrient. Stir well. Plop on your airlock, and wait. After 8 hours, mine was bubbling ( see picture). Now wait. Wait. Wait for months, listening to a blip of bubbly yeast air. It'll be ready for Xmas. Yes, I know. But it cost you a bag of sugar.

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Jan said...

Iused to make wine and there is nothing nicer than a nice clear glass of your own making ,Mmm hic Jan xx PS I have been posting again !