Wednesday, 3 November 2010

I wish there was grey hair dye.

I am going grey. What little hair I have, where it has grown in again, has grown in grey. I am salt and pepper. I have more grey than my mum. But it is not grey ENOUGH. I want more grey. Total grey. I don't want to dye what I have left to my natural brown. I daren't, in case it falls out more, for one, and also because, dammit, grey is what happens and I don't want to be dying it forever in an effort to look younger than my 38 years. Just as I accept my lack of hair and what is left of my boobs after feeding two kids, I want to accept grey. But I want it to hurry up. Half measures look rubbish. And grey can look cool. (Pus, my grey hair is thicker than my brown, and I need all the help I can get).

Grey is old. My great gran and my nan had fabulous pearly white hair. But grey can be young too. Women with autoimmune conditions, like myself, often go grey earlier. Regrown hair from hair loss is often grey. But where are the grey, younger women? Do they all dye? Do they all hide? I can only remember one example, a teacher at the school where I last worked, who had that steely grey hair you sometimes get, cut snappyand short, and my, it was hot. But, aside from Judy Dench and Helen Mirren, where are the women who are grey in media? And where are the young ones? Google grey hair and you get loads of stuff to cover it, prevent it, deal with the agony of it, but NOTHING about how to just go grey and say "stuff it". George Clooney can be grey and sexy, but Nicole Kidman goes out with a bit of grey showing and she gets slaughtered. Whole blogs about how dreadful she looks. Dreadful? She's NICOLE KIDMAN! Hello! What a slut, hey?
So, just like my trouble finding women with balding bits and bald heads, or really short hair (you may recall, Servalan from Blakes 7 was just about the only one I found....), now I am also another taboo on top of looking a bit like a lesbian. I'm an OLD looking one.

Oh, no wait, I just found this one of Jamie Lee Curtis. She looks great. Now all I have to do is get her body and i'll be fine. And for those who say, "Where's the political sniping this post?" I say to you: Alistair Darling. As long as my eyebrows go grey too.


Jan said...

Is that you in the first picture Sheridan ?,I am afraid I colour mine ,''because Im worth it '',no idea what colour I am really ,after all its ''just a little box of hair clour '' Jan xx

Fenwitters said...

Jan, that is Nicole Kidman! I wish I did look like that! I think it is the faff of having to constantly colour that puts me off, plus my hair just wouldn't stand it in its' current state.

Kate said...

Love that first comment! I'm afraid the grey is catching up witthme too...but hey, grey is in! Look up Pixie Geldof and Kelly Osbourne and revel in your greyness.

Jude said...

I colour mine too, but I too am waiting for my hair to go completely grey so that I don't have to bother any more(or probably white in my case, going by my mum's hair) - I don't think there's long to go now. I don't like the pepper and salt look, as I think it sometimes makes you look older than completely grey! It is a faff having to get it re-done every few weeks, not to mention expensive. But I think white or grey hair can look really elegant.