Tuesday, 20 July 2010

shreddies are for cakes, not just for breakfast

The easiest cake in the world. It got to be the day before playgroup breaking up day and son mentioned in an offhand way that he had told his play-worker that he would bring in a cake for her. So rather than produce one of my unfailingly unfluffy sponges from the hands of cement (my hands just don't do fluffy), I reasoned that a shreddie cake would be the best bet.
It is a malt loaf, and it's DENSE but it's lovely with a bit of butter. It is forgiving, you don't need to measure. I use either a mug or a jug. My loaf tin will work well with approx 400ml.

Take yourself :1 cup of / 400ml of :
self raising flour
fruit (I use apricots and raisins, I also add chocolate)
sugar (caster is best for a lighter loaf, brown for a denser one).
Squoosh the shreddies up in the milk. Add the fruit and sugar. Sift in the flour. Stir. Bake for 60-75 mins at Gas 4. Leave to cool, best eaten after it's sat for a day.
How easy is that?


sharie said...

Good grief thats one easy cake to make.
I'd never thought that shreddies could be used in baking but it looks delicious. (and I can't stand shreddies normally LOL)

Roy said...


sweetypie said...

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